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:: 我喜欢。雨天。23/04/12

:: 我的第一本插画电子书 ~《星星不见了》, 已经出街了,APPLE APP 形式下载。
谢谢你们!:) 12/11/12

:: Apple App download 星星不見了


New T-shirt Design

今天跑了趟印T-Shirt的公司, 非常感激老板马上就做好成品给我! 好开心哦! ^^ 因为只是个开始, 所以我并没有大量印制, 所以如果你有兴趣要购买我的画作T-Shirt的话, 可以email or leave comment让我知道, 谢谢!
Pls email or leave me a comment if you are interested in my Artwork Printed T-shirt! Thanks! email: annie_coral@hotmail.com


Ref No: FS001-WTank Top(Female)
Ref No: FS001-W
Size: S / M / L
Colour: Only White available
Price: SGD $39.90


Ref No: FT002-WT-Shirt(Female)
Ref No: FT002-W
Size: S / M / L
Colour: Only White available
Price: SGD $39.90



Email to annie_coral@hotmail.com with:

  • Your name
  • Your mobile number
  • T-shirt ref no, size, colour


  • POSB account(Internet banking/ATM transfer)
  • Account number will be given only after confirmation order

Delivery(By SingPost):

  • S$1.50 per pc
  • Additional S$2.30 for registered mail

Note: The items will be sent out asap once payment is received.


SchokoladeJo said...

Wow... that's soooo nice...

finally.. after long waiting...


somemore I like the 'touching my hope' sooo much...

he he.. the S size is for normal adult lady size? for children too big? =p

most probably I want one each first.. =)

妮妮 ♫ said...

lol thanks!

Yes! The sizes all for adult ladies... >.<

U r really support me so so much leh, see ur words i feel so happy liao! :) Thanks!

If u decide to buy it, let me know! ^^

阿仔 said...

Your shirt is so nice & pretty.. but all for lady only, not for men :-(

I prefer another picture, do you make it also? if got the couple shirt then greater..

妮妮 ♫ said...

yea.. Im making some designs for couple de...
Bcos of my drawing all cute and ladylike, so i dono whether guy dare to wear it not?
So trying unisex design now!

Which picture u like? U can let me know, i can custom made for u!

SchokoladeJo said...

ya ya. i want to buy 2 pcs each.. so should I send to ur email or?

妮妮 ♫ said...

Can email me ur:
T-shirt size and mailing address.. ^^

If u wanna choose other drawings to add in the T-shirt, I can custom made for u also!
Really appreaciate on ur support!

My email: annie_coral@hotmail.com

SchokoladeJo said...

Really? that's cool.. let me see if I would like to choose other pictures..

but then.. i just browsed ur 'deviant store'... wow wow... got mouse pad and so many other things there.... means that it's already ready for order? if i'm interested in the mousepad then i purchase through there? =)

*couldn't wait to see it ya..

妮妮 ♫ said...

When u decide which T-shirt design u wan just email me and specify ur size k?
Thanks! ^^

Yea my deviantStore selling many my artwork printed stuff.
All under tat deviantART website, they help artists to sell their designs, but artists themselves just can get a little bit bit profit! LOL...

Anyway if u like the stuff there oso can purchase through deviantStore! ^^
Hope tat 1 day I can be like them, selling many type of my artwork stuffs...

Yeah Yeah jia you jia you.. hehe!

SchokoladeJo said...

yup yup. hope you'll soon can handle all ur artwork printed stuff soon.. =)

hmm.. i actually like ''what dreams may come'' a lot.. donno is it difficult to put onto the white tank top? =p

吳佛旋 Poseidon said...

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