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:: 我喜欢。雨天。23/04/12

:: 我的第一本插画电子书 ~《星星不见了》, 已经出街了,APPLE APP 形式下载。
谢谢你们!:) 12/11/12

:: Apple App download 星星不見了


My lovely cousin's present

If u think this cake was bought from cake shop, then u r wrong.... Ya my cousin Josephine baked it, made it 4 me de~~~ OMG!!! She attended baking class and join Hotel cake course...... This cake's name is~~ Opera~~~

Got my name on it yo yo yo.... and the gold colour thingy can be eaten de.... She said tat her teacher mentioned tat Opera cake must have this kind of golden decoration, and this dong dong so expensive de. lol ^^

Here got another little cutie gift from her~~~ Earrings lai de~~ lol nia cute si ren le. Love it so much!

Gift from ah mage & Roxy

Hello ah mage~~~ wat r u doing here?

wooo~~~~ wanna wish nienie happy birthday nia~~ ^^ lol ah mage gift me a lovely doggie, now sleeping on my bed everyday liao! Ty ah mage! ^^

Hello chakkk~~~ Gueass who am I?~~~~

Hehe~~~ Im roxy loh~~~ lol so cute de alien sotong~~~ coming from universe tats y bring along so many stars~~~ ^^

& this ice kacang~~~ lol no lah! Roxy said these r water babies... grow up le~~ ^^

28/10/07 Roxy & me de Birthday

This year's bday so much special to me loh... ^^ Noon time went out 麻辣火锅 with my frens who came down from Seremban. The 麻辣 make us nearly crazy.

Aftertat i went to meet 3 special ppl. Sotong laopo, ah mage & his mei Roxy. Roxy sms me saying tat she wear pink shirt & a dark blue skirt, & her hair messy de. lol wat a funny descripton! And ah mage coming without wearing flower on his head.

After having dinner, we went 4 neoprint.... so funny... dono how to act and played tat stupid machine.... End up wasted 2 pics.... but ok lah so cute de us! Then we went to find place to cut cake, Roxy said she ps wan go flat thr cele.. =.= we forced her to go long john silver.... Both kor kor & mei mei so shy shy de. Anyway......... so happy to see them.. lol Unforgetable bday nia~~ ^^


Bday clip from pik pok

Dear pik & pok making this Bday clip for me, pik pok both inside singing to me lol..... So much gan dong when watching thsi video... T.T ai si ni men... ty!!! Touching, nearly cry out when i watched. :3

Bday Gift from Dear & my Bro

Today went out shopping with my dear, omg i saw this pair of shoes, walao so~~~~ cute and special~~~ Cant help falling in, I asked my dear gift me as Bday present! lol ^^

Light Golden colour, 1 side is Lion, 1 side is Tiger~~~ omg those decorations so so impressive!

See? they r so cute nia~~~ Lion got fur fur de lol!!!

I love the design so much, even the side of the shoes oso decorated with little trees. Dono when I just 舍得穿! T.T

And~~~~ this... my bro ah jia bought me from Shanghai... lol cos i have this cassette b4 but spoilt... ^^ thanks JiaJia....my lovely didi so as the gongon in maple. Muack :3


Gift from nite

Ahemm..... Nite gift me so sweet looking de flower, and a cute cute de pink wing slime? lol ty ty^^ he said cos im having pink wing in maple now.... tats y gift me this cutie thing. yea ^0^


My first Bday Gift ^^

生日礼物Hoho i had received my 1st Bday gift from dearest sotong laogong during the outing with nite and her.....
so nice de packaging nia....
Open it, yoyo got many dong dong inside. >.< Ahhh~~~~~ Sotong giving me herself
And a zhu zhu ya~~~ lol cos she said im oink oink piggy. =.=
Wow...... many many sweets some more... Sotong said wan me stay sweet forever woh.
lol yeah i will~~~~ Ty sotong laopo, ai ni o!