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:: 我喜欢。雨天。23/04/12

:: 我的第一本插画电子书 ~《星星不见了》, 已经出街了,APPLE APP 形式下载。
谢谢你们!:) 12/11/12

:: Apple App download 星星不見了



Recently I'm so On in GREEN

Here are two canvas paintings, I use 100% cotton canvas, so I could paint the watercolour on it.
Made them 2 in 1 as a long painting.
Size 18" x 18" each

I love the gradient so much, that's why I like watercolour! :D


I love tiffany blue, kind of greenish blue colour. Some may say that is Turquoise colour.
it's so soothing, peaceful and calm......

I painted my living in this blue colour, ICI Dulux, Ocean Spray, nice name huh! :)