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:: 我喜欢。雨天。23/04/12

:: 我的第一本插画电子书 ~《星星不见了》, 已经出街了,APPLE APP 形式下载。
谢谢你们!:) 12/11/12

:: Apple App download 星星不見了


My first canvas drawing

I was trying my very first acrylic painting on canvas in this afternoon.
I think watercolour has the better gradient effect than acrylic, 
but the canvas's texture looked great in deed. :) 

this 2 pictures are supposed to be a whole drawing, is an oval shape.
I took the photo, not scanning....

Will be working on more canvas drawings in the future.
I think i'm still prefer watercolour painting.
When doing acrylic painting, need to 和时间赛跑。
Acrylic easier to get harder when the temperature is high.
Luckily today is a raining day. :)


green apple said...

妮妮~i miiiiiiis u much ya @@

your draw is still so nice^^

妮妮 ♫ said...

I miss u too....
U take good good k woh, sick gal~
some more exam soon.....