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:: 我喜欢。雨天。23/04/12

:: 我的第一本插画电子书 ~《星星不见了》, 已经出街了,APPLE APP 形式下载。
谢谢你们!:) 12/11/12

:: Apple App download 星星不見了


Gift from ah mage & Roxy

Hello ah mage~~~ wat r u doing here?

wooo~~~~ wanna wish nienie happy birthday nia~~ ^^ lol ah mage gift me a lovely doggie, now sleeping on my bed everyday liao! Ty ah mage! ^^

Hello chakkk~~~ Gueass who am I?~~~~

Hehe~~~ Im roxy loh~~~ lol so cute de alien sotong~~~ coming from universe tats y bring along so many stars~~~ ^^

& this ice kacang~~~ lol no lah! Roxy said these r water babies... grow up le~~ ^^

28/10/07 Roxy & me de Birthday

This year's bday so much special to me loh... ^^ Noon time went out 麻辣火锅 with my frens who came down from Seremban. The 麻辣 make us nearly crazy.

Aftertat i went to meet 3 special ppl. Sotong laopo, ah mage & his mei Roxy. Roxy sms me saying tat she wear pink shirt & a dark blue skirt, & her hair messy de. lol wat a funny descripton! And ah mage coming without wearing flower on his head.

After having dinner, we went 4 neoprint.... so funny... dono how to act and played tat stupid machine.... End up wasted 2 pics.... but ok lah so cute de us! Then we went to find place to cut cake, Roxy said she ps wan go flat thr cele.. =.= we forced her to go long john silver.... Both kor kor & mei mei so shy shy de. Anyway......... so happy to see them.. lol Unforgetable bday nia~~ ^^

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