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:: 我喜欢。雨天。23/04/12

:: 我的第一本插画电子书 ~《星星不见了》, 已经出街了,APPLE APP 形式下载。
谢谢你们!:) 12/11/12

:: Apple App download 星星不見了


About Me

Always believe that, my left hand could fulfill my dreams......

I studied science when i was in secondary school,
Chong Hwa High School(CHHS),
which helping me to build up my dreams, and stacking up my memories......
My passion and sentiments burned from here,

Major in Jewellery Design,
when I studied at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
Gemstone was telling me a lot of bling bling stories.
Life is full of unexpected surprises and hopes.
The key is you have to enjoy it! :)

I love happy sunshine colours!
You can feel the sunny mood in my drawing.
I wanna to tell you something, YES!!! Dun give up your dreams!
Dare to figure out, believe it, and chase it!
Though you will encounter many difficulties and obstacles in the journey.

There is always a Hope awaiting,
as long as you are still alive! :)


What is AppleRain?

It represents Dream and Hope in my drawings.

I'm loving to use colours, looking for a world of heart to discover our original mind...
Just like the Rain, could cleanse the earth,
meaning to remind us always remember to wash our dream and hope,
always remember to clean the sky which hiding in our heart.

Therefore, that's AppleRain...... :)


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